• 22Aug

    Gartner, Inc. is a firm that specializes in IT research. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, they also function as an advisory firm. In its latest published research, the American IT firm found out that German consumers would most likely go for automobiles that carry advance engine technologies over electric cars.

    In the study made by Gartner, they show that most German consumers are loyal to automobiles that are powered by traditional gasoline engines with hybrids coming in second place to their preferences. In Germany, diesel powered cars are also rampant, which are the German consumers’ 3rd preference with natural-gas powered vehicles as 4th.

    According to the results of the study, only about 16% of German auto consumers would even think of getting electric vehicles. The reason for this staggering low rate is that German consumers are unwilling to pay a premium for these vehicles. Moreover, the study reveals that only half of that 16% would really purchase an electric vehicle if the operating costs would be 70% less compared to the operating costs of gasoline/diesel powered vehicles.

    In the previous years, we have seen the rampant production of plug-in and full electric vehicles as well as assessment programs that test them in real life situations. Despite the staggering low rate among German consumers’ take on electric vehicles, the study’s forecast for long term will improve. Let’s just hope that by year 2030, we will see great improvement towards the widespread use of electric vehicles from consumers all over the world.