• 22Aug

    Gartner, Inc. is a firm that specializes in IT research. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, they also function as an advisory firm. In its latest published research, the American IT firm found out that German consumers would most likely go for automobiles that carry advance engine technologies over electric cars.

    In the study made by Gartner, they show that most German consumers are loyal to automobiles that are powered by traditional gasoline engines with hybrids coming in second place to their preferences. In Germany, diesel powered cars are also rampant, which are the German consumers’ 3rd preference with natural-gas powered vehicles as 4th.

    According to the results of the study, only about 16% of German auto consumers would even think of getting electric vehicles. The reason for this staggering low rate is that German consumers are unwilling to pay a premium for these vehicles. Moreover, the study reveals that only half of that 16% would really purchase an electric vehicle if the operating costs would be 70% less compared to the operating costs of gasoline/diesel powered vehicles.

    In the previous years, we have seen the rampant production of plug-in and full electric vehicles as well as assessment programs that test them in real life situations. Despite the staggering low rate among German consumers’ take on electric vehicles, the study’s forecast for long term will improve. Let’s just hope that by year 2030, we will see great improvement towards the widespread use of electric vehicles from consumers all over the world.

  • 31Jan

    Volvo C30 BEV GrayAside from the planned launch of a plug-in hybrid by 2012, Volvo is eyeing to perfect an all electric vehicle. They are also studying the marketability of the project in development against possible competitors.

    Volvo is working on a car which looks like a regular C30 packed with the usual trademark safety, space, and comfort like the standard version. The big difference is that it will be powered entirely by electricity. It has no emissions plus an excellent driving range of 93 miles on one charging.

    The car manufacturer has come up with several prototypes and tested internally how the C30 EV runs in different driving conditions. The focus of the development is the integration of the electric drive system with the rest of the components of the vehicle.

    The C30 Battery-powered EV will run using lithium ion batteries charged using a regular plug at home. Full charging may take about eight hours.

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  • 27Sep

    Charging anxiety of consumers present another challenge for makers of electric vehicles. After a while though, the adoption of EV technology may flow smoothly when buyers become more familiar with EVs.

    An electric vehicle buyer may have several worries when they plug their cars at home. One may be worried about power outages, circuits giving in, or someone simply disconnecting the plug and having no enough power to use the next day.

    Charging anxiety is expected since we are EV Charger Stationfacing a new technology but it is expected to die down like how people get accustomed to new gadgets, tools, or systems. Consumers are expected to have newbie questions when they initially charge their cars. Instruction manuals will be read and phone calls will be made just to make sure that they are plugging in their cars right.

    Though there have also been studies about range anxiety as being the more important issue to address, car manufacturers and marketers can not deny that charge anxiety exists. Plugging the car into the socket may not come as easy as charging your cellphone.

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  • 11Jul

    The Tesla Roadster may be considered as the king of the road when it comes to zero emission performance. The British firm Lighting Company wants to catch up and challenge the Tesla Roadster by working on a 700hp electric vehicle that will go on production by 2010.

    Lightning GT

    The engine of the next generation vehicles will be derived from the DNA of their first EV the Lightning GT.

    According to Lightning, the company will design and come up with several variants. This includes an off-roader SUV, a limo type saloon, and a sports car.

    The company wants to focus on the Lightning GT and deriving the power plants of the new members of their brood from it will allow them to release them to the market as soon as they are ready.

    The Lightning GT is expected to be released by spring of 2010 and orders for the units are coming. A third of the deposits are mostly from the United Kingdom alone. The specifications of the car though have not been finalized and the information disclosed to the media is very limited.

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