• 09Apr

    chemicalsPrimafuel, whose focus is on the commercialization and improvement of infrastructure and technology of low carbon fuels, teams up with researchers from the Ben Gurion University for a biorefinery project with international coverage.

    Dr, Sammy Boussiba is the head of MBL, and is presently the president of the International Society of Applied Phycology. MBL does extensive researches on algae for about decades and holds a commendable record for commercializing the production of algae systems used for the nutraceutical and feed markets.

    Meanwhile, US and European branches of Primafuel laboratories shaped multiple technology baseline that is centered on the refinement, partition and alteration of biomass products. Also, the biorefinery program of Primafuel has been renowned by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer for the expertise in biomass processing.

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