• 05Dec

    Everyone wants to possess a car that will run on alternative fuels. They know that the time is not far off when there will be no natural fuel left in the world. Apart from this there is the fact that the natural fuels emit lots of CO2 emissions and they pollute and damage the environment of the world apart from creating greenhouse problems. Keeping this in mind, most car owners are looking for models of their favorite cars that will run on alternative fuels.

    One can say without hesitation that the owners of the Swedish car, SAAB, are the best off. As it is this car manufacturer is famous all over the world for the safety features of their car and also for the fact that they are credited with introducing certain innovative features that are now being adopted by car manufacturers all over the world. It is hence natural that SAAB cars would also lead the way when it comes to manufacturing cars that run on alternative fuels.

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  • 03Oct

    There’s quite a few morality issues with using food-sources for bio-ethanol-making, so scientists all over the world are looking for solutions to this ethical question…

    Using wood chips to create ethanol is a great way, as long as we’re using the kind of wood Scandinavia is famous for — the kind that doesn’t kill worldwide photosynthesis…

    In an article titled Moving Away from Food Source Ethanol, Alternative Fuels Blog talks about this, and I think it’s an excellent resource…

  • 03Sep
    bio fuels ethanol

    bio fuels ethanol

    Bio fuels are indeed types of alternative fuels. There is some discussion, however, as to what constitutes a bio fuel. Some feel that it only refers to food source gasoline such as ethanol made from wheat, corn or sugar cane. Others believe that bio specifically refers to biodegradable, and others yet, understand bio to mean any sustainable resource such as plants and organic waste.

    Further, many scientists refer to bio fuels as agro-fuels, since the underlying composition of a bio fuel is that it is sustainable and it came from living organisms. Another form of bio fuel is bio diesel that is made from fats found in plants, cooking oils, soybean oil, canola oil and some animals.

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