• 03Feb

    Audi A1The owners of an Audi are a proud lot and they love their car for its worth. However, there are occasions when they feel let down and they feel sad. During these moments they check out if there is news that can help them to recover from their woes and when they do find such news, they glee with happiness as only the owners of Audis can. Of late many car manufacturers have started changing the design of their cars in order to accommodate the use of alternative fuels. Most users of Audi cars too are waiting with baited breath and want to know when will Audi too come out with a car that can run on alterative car fuel. These owners too want to contribute their share in saving the environment by using alternative fuels.

    Owners of Audis will be pleased to know that this world-renowned car manufacturer has lots of plans up its sleeves to bring out eco friendly cars, though it might take a few years before they make their presence felt. In about 10 years time Audi shall be producing cars that run on electricity. While the rest of the world is finding out ways and producing cars that will have lower CO2 emissions, Audi will do away with emissions all together. The electric cars that Audi shall be producing in about a decade will be sans exhaust emissions. The owners of Audi cars can glee in delight armed with the knowledge that their favorite will again show the way to the world.

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