• 29Jul

    Using the conventional process of transforming gas to liquids and chemical products, the natural gas is first changed into what they call “syngas” or synthetic gas. The so-called syngas is a gas mixture that contains hydrogen and different amounts of carbon monoxide. The syngas is then converted into fuel, methanol, or other liquid chemical products. This conventional syngas process is tedious, not to mention expensive and requires a high level of maintenance.

    Gas Technologies LLC, an alternative energy company, has found a way to convert natural gas to fuel without going through the syngas process. It costs way lower than the conventional syngas process. Gas Technologies LLC just recently decided to improve its GasTechno plants and offer mini gas-to-liquid packages.

    The GasTechno process is able to convert natural gas to fuel through a “direct homogenous partial oxidation” procedure. It also comes with the so-called “energy-neutral cycle” that continuously works with unconverted materials until they reach the desired conversion.

    GasTechno’s core process plus the auxiliary compressor system can effectively deliver 30,000 standard cubic feet of gas daily (scfd). When the company decides to go commercial, they can produce almost 30 million cubic feet of gas per day. This figure is based on a study made by an independent party that GasTechno mentioned.

    As a first step towards clients who wish to avail of the GasTechno process, the company recently announced their Basic Engineering Package (BES) that amounts to $250,000, which is cheaper than the conventional method plus recommendations from the company itself.