• 22Jun
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    p28 Green tide- QingdaoResearchers in Shanghai’s Fudan University were able to convert marine macroalgae that is among the main reasons for green tide to bio-oil.

    The green tide is considered to be among the major problems in the marine environment across the globe. A massive breakout of green tide in the Yellow Sea near Qingdao in China created big problems. A massive amount of drifting green tide ended along the coastlines which caused negative effects to the environment and to the quality of seawater. The cleanup drive resulted to a collection of a million ton of macroalgal waste.

    The study which was recently published in science journals studied the effects of temperature, alkali catalyst, and reaction time of the green tide. Different methods were utilized to study the characters of the solid and liquid products.

    We decided not to really enumerate the process that was done since it is too technical for everyone but the experts were able to derive biooil that is a blend of aromatics, esters, fatty acids, alkenes, phenols, aldehydes, ketones, and other substances.

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