• 29Apr
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    A deep ocean current covering that has a volume of 40 Amazon Rivers was discovered by Japanese Australian researchers. The current is said to be located near the Kerguelen Plateau in the Indian Ocean, a sector of the Southern Ocean. The spot is 4,200 kilometers south-west from Perth, Australia.

    Kerguelen PlateauThe researchers described this current in a paper published online called the Nature Geoscience. According to their report, the current is more than three kilometers below the ocean’s surface. This current stands in the pathway of the Earth’s network of global current, and can strongly influence climate patterns.

    It was also reported that the current carries dense, oxygen-rich water, which provides levels of oxygen to the deep waters of Antartica. Without this supply, there could be very low levels of oxygen in the deep sea. Dr. Steve Rintoul, the co-author of Antartic Climate and Ecosystems, also explained how the ocean affects climate change.

    Apparently, the more the ocean transports and stores heat and carbon dioxide, the slower the process of climate change becomes. This particular current which was spotted in the Kerguelen Plateau, is an important part of the global network of ocean currents that are also referred to as the “overturning circulation”. They determine just how much carbon dioxide and heat the ocean can still soak up.

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