• 13Feb
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    Natural gas is just one of the many alternate car fuels that are already on the market, although it is not yet widely spread and many do not even know that it does exist. However, natural gas is a viable, realistic and available alternative with many advantages for both consumers and the environment.

    A car that runs on natural gas needs to be filled up with CNG, or compressed natural gas. This fuel burns cleanly and only limited emissions come from cars that use this technology. Natural gas is also plentiful, even though it is not a renewable energy source. This is also a cheap energy source and a gallon equivalent of natural gas is never more expensive than gas or diesel to purchase.

    One problem with driving natural gas powered cars is that not many gas stations sell this fuel and therefore a long drive must be well planned or done with a different car. The tank for natural gas is also larger than that of a gas or diesel powered car which means that space is taken away from the trunk.

    Even though natural gas is cheap, readily available and environmentally friendly, there is only one car maker who still brings out cars powered with this type of engine on the American market. The only model available on the market that comes with a standard natural gas engine is the Honda Civic GX and even sadder is the fact that it is only sold in two states, New York and California. Elsewhere in the world and especially in Asia, there is an increase in cars that run on compressed natural gas.

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