• 31Jan

    Volvo C30 BEV GrayAside from the planned launch of a plug-in hybrid by 2012, Volvo is eyeing to perfect an all electric vehicle. They are also studying the marketability of the project in development against possible competitors.

    Volvo is working on a car which looks like a regular C30 packed with the usual trademark safety, space, and comfort like the standard version. The big difference is that it will be powered entirely by electricity. It has no emissions plus an excellent driving range of 93 miles on one charging.

    The car manufacturer has come up with several prototypes and tested internally how the C30 EV runs in different driving conditions. The focus of the development is the integration of the electric drive system with the rest of the components of the vehicle.

    The C30 Battery-powered EV will run using lithium ion batteries charged using a regular plug at home. Full charging may take about eight hours.

    The designers of the vehicle placed the electric motor beneath the bonnet of the car, just like the configuration of your conventional vehicle. The battery which is quite heavy and bulky can be ideally placed on the location of the fuel tank in a regular car or in the tunnel of the prop shaft. The Volvo C30 BEV will require a 24kWh battery to meet the demands of the vehicle compared to a regular plug-in which employs 12kWh energy supply.

    The C30 EV can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 11 seconds with a recorded top speed of 81mph – not bad for a perfectly green car!

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