• 22Mar

    Rinspeed, one of the leading Swiss car manufacturers, will be introducing their concept car i-Change in the Geneva Motorshow this year. The i-Change is an electric car which can seat three people comfortably.

    What sets the concept car apart is its teardrop bubble top which acts as windshield, door, and sunroof for the car. It’s a highly unconventional model, as should be expected from Rinspeed, which is designed especially for short-distance city driving.

    The car runs on a 370 Nm electric motor which is generated by 567V LiFeP04 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery pack. i-Change can run up to 56 miles on three battery packs. Its lightweight design (only 2,300 lbs) depends on aerodynamics. The i-Change’s weight is also responsible for its low power consumption.

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