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    Nylon resins from DuPont Minlon and Zytel are now being utilized for the front cover and rocker on Nissan Pathfinder’s turbo diesel engine model. This is showcased in one of the first commercial samples of under-the-hood metals replacement by Nissan in one of their European operation.

    The parts offer best performance when measuring rigidity, dimensional stability, and strength. These are vital for ensuring an excellent seal to protect the valve control system and to avoid leaking of lubricating oil. The resins can withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius during. It can also endure contact with hot oils or chemicals.

    DuPont Nissan

    The parts were built by DuPont purchasers in Spain with the company’s applications development and enhancement assistance.

    Xavier Soler of DuPont Engineering Polymers said that the accomplishment opened doors for future possibilities to broaden replacements for other metal parts on Nissan’s range of vehicle models.

    Last October 2008, Dupont showcased oil pan units that were manufactured by Zytel. These are built for use in diesel engines with 4 cylinders(model OM651). Zytel is a trademark owned by DuPont,
    The engine made use of a dye-cast aluminum upper shell and also a multifunctional lower shell made of DuPont Zytel 70G35 HSLR.

    Zytel has used a number of varieties of different abrasion, impact resistant, and high strength thermoplastic polyamide formulation now known as nylon, often with other forms of fiberglass, from 13 percent to 60 percent that is added for additional firmness.

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