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    Hyundai is going all out to achieve the status as the most fuel efficient car maker in the world. The Blue Drive which spearheads their environmental campaign will be further boosted by the production of electric hybrid vehicles.

    The Korean auto manufacturers Hyundai and Kia are among the front runners of the development of HEV technology. These two companies have released almost 3000 units of hybrid electronic vehicles under the brand of Accent and Elantra prototypes to the Korean government as part of their demonstration that kicked off in 2004.

    Come July 2009, a lithium-polymer battery and liquefied petroleum gas combo will power the Hyundai Elantra LPI. This vehicle is set to be initially released in Korea.

    Hyundai showcased the Santa Fe Blue in the Paris Motor Show. The hybrid architecture will be the building blocks of future Hyundai HEVs that includes that 2010 Sonata scheduled to be introduced to the US market.

    The Santa Fe has the Theta 2.4L engine coupled with a six speed automatic gear shifting system under its hood. A 30Kw motor is also installed to provide power for its regenerative braking. The design of the engine was focus on decreasing friction along its cooling system and drivelines so fuel economy will be at its optimal.

    The software of the engine was enhanced to improve handling of injection pressure, exhaust system, and cycle timing. The engine is also automatically shut off instead of being left on idle to save more fuel. With this stop-start function, the driver can easily start the car by applying pressure on the gas pedal which in turn will trigger the integrated starter generator.

    The fuel saving features of the Santa Fe places it at 38 miles per gallon of fuel. Top speed was recorded at 105 mph.

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