• 02Nov

    Most car owners are looking forward to driving cars that are both efficient and also run on alternative fuels. This is the only way out since the natural oil resources of the world shall dry up in a few decades. On top is the feeling of contributing to keep the environment free from dangerous CO² emissions.

    The owners of Volkswagens too are seeking if there are any alternatives available with Volkswagen that is both eco compliant and fuel-efficient. Such people should check out the Volkswagen Polo as it zips around. This car is a marvel of auto engineering and demonstrates what gasoline powered efficiency means. Its turbo diesel, direct injected, 3 cylinder 1.4L engine allows it to give a “staggering” 79 horsepower. And this is not enough.

    Just combine the Volkswagen with special aerodynamics, LRR tires along with manual transmission and check out the car achieving 60 miles per gallon as advertised. Though this car has a small 12-gallon fuel tank, one can easily achieve over 700 miles with the same. This is something amazing. This is also one of the major reasons why owners of Volkswagens love this particular model. There are different ways of achieving the end result if one wants their car to be eco friendly. They can go in for a car that runs on alternative fuels or they can go in for a car that delivers more per liter. This Volkswagen stands in the latter category.

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