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    bio fuels ethanol

    bio fuels ethanol

    Bio fuels are indeed types of alternative fuels. There is some discussion, however, as to what constitutes a bio fuel. Some feel that it only refers to food source gasoline such as ethanol made from wheat, corn or sugar cane. Others believe that bio specifically refers to biodegradable, and others yet, understand bio to mean any sustainable resource such as plants and organic waste.

    Further, many scientists refer to bio fuels as agro-fuels, since the underlying composition of a bio fuel is that it is sustainable and it came from living organisms. Another form of bio fuel is bio diesel that is made from fats found in plants, cooking oils, soybean oil, canola oil and some animals.

    The thing that is most bizarre about bio fuels is the price. When it first became available at limited numbers of gas stations In Canada, the promotional material said it was a cheaper gas and helped the planet. Many people would not buy it believing it was some sort of gimmick and feeling that their car would not perform as fast using gas made from wheat or corn. But the point was it was much cheaper to manufacture so no one should have any complaint about filling his/her tank with bio fuels.

    Today, it is claimed that it only costs about one dollar US per gallon to produce the bio fuels but all the gas stations that pump ethanol are charging the same ridiculously high price as normal gas. Now they tell us that it costs just as much to produce the corn based gas as regular gasoline. So other than the pollution factor, why would people bother buying bio fuels especially when most cities only have one gas station and then many have none?

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